One of our coaches, Dominique explains what her three step plan to rising above the gloom is. If you’d like to read more about her, you can view her coaching page here.


The news is full of gloom – no need for me to tell you what’s been going on in the UK and world wide. This morning though, the headlines seemed heavier for me and I have had to put all my awareness on managing my state of mind into action. I had the strongest urge to stay in bed, feel down and sorry for myself and many others. I could feel a sense of helplessness growing.

I am lucky though, I know how to manage my mindset and I can choose to manage it or not.

I made a plan, that wouldn’t change the problems of the world around me but would change how I respond to them. And the first part of the plan was to turn off the bl**dy news! Ban it for the rest of the day.

My plan for managing my mood

  1. Moving is key
    • I showered and dressed – I’ll feel good for any video calls!
    • I’ll work in 20 time minute slots (my mobile timer is set), then move somehow for at least 5 minutes (down stairs, to another room, some on the spot exercise, make a drink, go for a walk). When I go back to my work, I do another 20 minutes on the same thing or something different.
  2. Be kind to myself and others
    • I will avoid being overly critical
    • I will go slower today, but the 20 minute focused time slots will help to still get things done. Stay on top of things
    • I will see if others are ok or need anything (hence this item)
    • I’ll definitely stop and take lunch
    • I’ll see if my neighbour is ok, they have not had visitors for a while.
  3. Trigger what brings you joy
    • I’m going to play music that reminds me of some great times, uplifting beats that gets me tapping my feet and singing (dreadfully) along.
    • I can go for a drive, get a change of scenery – I love driving
    • I’ll watch a ‘Pink Panther’ movie as a treat tonight, because they always make me smile and laugh.
    • I’ll remember that today, Dec 21st 2020 is the shortest day of this troublesome year and from now on we are heading to longer and warmer days – Summer, my favourite time.

I can talk about the chemical changes that happen in brain with these actions, but I’m not going to today.

Today’s message is that we can choose how we feel and we can create the environments that helps us to feel better. And every time we do that, we build our resilience and mental strength.

Let me know what you helps you keep yourself on track – you can contact Dominque here at