If you were to describe yourself as a business owner to another business owner, how would you do it?

Would you say you’re a great leader of people, who never has a problem, who thrives under pressure and is always a success, how much good you have done for your company & your team, how much money you have made, who you have met, who you have influenced, how great it is being you?

I guarantee out of every 20 business owners you talk to 95% of them would give you a story about their business & their job similar to the terms in the paragraph above, its great, all is well, everything is fabulous? Fake it, till you make it syndrome for most, some of them its true. Huge respect to them!

The reason I ask is that as a business owner/MD, manager my business isn’t always fantastic.

I have great months, fabulous months in terms of revenue & people & success, but I also have okay months, catastrophic months & quarters, Cash flow issues, client issues, people issues, confidence issues with my own performance!  My emotions are up and down in turn with these months, it effects my homelife, my health, how much I eat & drink, I have sleepness nights!

So I ask you this when was the last time you were Vunerable with another business owner? Yes it takes authenticity, yes being the one that goes first sometimes is very scary, it takes courage. (see Ted Talk below) but you may just be able to help someone move forward, you may have the one answer that helps that person make the change they need to overcome their challenge that month & make their lives easier, & do you know what it might work the other way around to? The help you have been seeking is a conversation away if you are brave enough?!

So I want to share this TED Talk one where Brené Brown studies human connection & vulnerability   https://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability in this video she says to have courage, the word being derived from the French word “Coeur” meaning of the heart, simply means to tell a story with your whole heart, or to be vunerable in its telling.

There is real power here, power for each and everyone of us, not just the business owner, do you let your leaders and your team be vunerable? Can they learn from their mistakes without fear of reprisal? Can they be innovative and creative? Are you an employer that encourages autonomy, individual thought?

Maybe you need to look at your team’s wellbeing, your leader’s wellbeing, your own wellbeing and remember that it takes courage as a leader to give care, to give a damn.

We are can help with your wellbeing, performance, emotional engagement  where we can measure your team’s or an individuals wellbeing, this helps improve your organisation’s performance by reducing sickness absence, staff attrition and accidents in the workplace & we all need more productivity & less of these don’t we? If you’d like to know more email me at mandy@TWPC.co.uk