Redundancy Wellbeing Support

October 30th looms and signals the end of the UK furlough programme and now some will go on to the job support scheme as announced 24th Sept by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Both schemes have done a lot of good and bought companies and employees time to check out how the land lies – but it will bring with it some inevitable worry and pain, not just for those employees on the wrong end, but also the people making the decisions about who’s going – and breaking the news.

It’s not pleasant. I’ve done it and telling somebody their position is no more is hard because it’s not their fault. Bloody virus!

Having said that, any sympathy that’s going deserves to be heaped on the receiver of bad news, not the giver. They are going to have it tough, firstly in adjusting to a new reality (as if there’s not been enough ‘adjusting’ this year), then facing up to finding a new job in a tough market.

 As an employer:

If you’re an employer, any outplacement support is a good way to demonstrate a real duty of care – and that’ll be spotted by the team left behind not being made redundant and by clients, as well as the wider community at large. It could add some extra polish to your brand at a difficult time.

However most employers might help with a CV rewrite, or a Linkedin revam, or maybe an hour of employability coaching , but when now more than ever is the time to do right by those around you maybe you should consider “the leavers” emotional state as well?

This virus has done may things, halted the economy, made mask wearing a thing, stopped industries in its tracks across the world, but what is now being realised is the unseen casualties from this virus , the crippling anxiety, stress, depression and mental illness & record suicides that it has caused in those that may never have had any of these symptoms before.

More than anything when someone gets made redundant, they need to decompress, regroup their thoughts, and make a plan of action. Anxiety and stress can halt that process they find themselves in fight or flight mode & end up doing nothing.

This is why we offer a three-tiered process that not only looks at the essentials of looking for a new role but works on mindset and forward thinking.

We do offer one off or group outplacement support. This normally involves three sessions and ongoing telephone support for three months.

  • The first is to talk it through and give some coaching, working on mindset and forward growth and opportunity and at this stage, we ask to see the CVand look at their Linkedin profile. Its employability coaching and positive mindset. This lasts 2 hours.
  • A few days later we will help them re do their CV and their Linkedin profile and talk about how to look for a job in this market and the best ways to do that including explanations of social media etc . 3 hours.
  • This includes an emailable format of their CV in word that that can change to suit.
  • Lastly about 2-3 weeks later we have a one to one session on how they are getting on, giving them guidance and support moving forward by phone ongoing… 1-2 hours dependant on need.

The total package costs £975 plus VAT and would be with me or with our Senior head-hunter @ RSE Martin Ellis

If you just wish to have the hours coaching it £350 plus vat , if you just wish to have the CV and LinkedIn re write, this is the most essential part of the programme along with mindset reset in first session it’s £325 plus VAT.

We are a team of qualified coaches.

Happy to talk it through further and we are supported by our sister company Recruitment South East Ltd that looks after the CV and Linked in part as well as the new job-hunting agenda, 2020 has changed so much and job hunting is one of them.

As someone who is being made redundant:

If in doubt, don’t just sit and wonder. Talk to somebody. Talk to us. Understand your options. You have choices that aren’t just about costs, but that could have immediate benefits in terms of moving on to your new challenges more quickly, as well as the positive impact of morale of those staying with you on your journey.

You may be worried about the cost of using an outplacement service, but support to people who are leaving can take many forms. It could just be having their CV and LinkedIn profile re-drafted, through to consultations with a wellbeing specialist. There’s a wide range of options available but come the second half of October your options may become limited as there’s a limited stock of suppliers out there. We will do all we can to help you as cost effectively as we can. A chat costs nothing.

If you’d like a confidential chat as an employer or as a leaver, please contact:

Mandy Purdie


Tel 01424 236900