Sounds like a macho, sport related thing, right? Wrong…


What if we told you it has evolved from some fantastic research over the past three decades?


Research and case studies from all around the world show a strong correlation between mental toughness and performance at work, aspirations and positive thinking. It is not just a general concept, but eight important and interlinked areas that can be measured using a highly reliable and valid assessment.

It is a trait that can be learnt and improved upon, using very practical, neuroscience-based methods, that by developing it can have a significant impact on your mindset to life, as a leader or employee in the workplace and increase employee productivity by up to 25%.

Your wellbeing at work is a key factor in how well your employees perform. If we were to show you a way to get:

  • Twice the net profit
  • 5 times the revenue growth
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 59% more innovation and creativity – essential for business success in today’s ecology
  • 25% higher productivity
  • 40% lower employee turnover
  • 35% more efficiency
  • 38% fewer accidents – downtime

What would you say, worth a chat and a cup of coffee? The team are an eclectic bunch of seasoned coaches that can look at your resilience, leadership and performance issues and get individuals and teams back on track. We use Neuroscience to make quick and lasting changes, which get results fast and improve your bottom line as an employer, and the happiness of your workers more importantly.

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