We had an excellent turn out at our Wellbeing event held at the Lawn Tennis Association in Eastbourne on “Is Mental Toughness Essential for a Thriving Organisation?” on 22nd Nov 2019.

We hosted some fabulous speakers on the subject from around the UK and they all spoke knowledgeably on their subject, which was very well received from the feedback we have already had.

If employers have a team of five or more they need a Wellbeing Policy; whether they then do anything more is up to them but, wellbeing at work inevitably increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, increases job retention, improves culture and improves quality of work as well as profit. But let’s not forget it’s the right thing to do and it’s the HUMAN thing to do.

Prioritising the mental health of your employees will lead to huge change in your organisation but it can also change the lives of the people who work for your organisation.

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