We have never seen the rate of change in our working environment as we have witnessed over the last few months. Surviving, adapting, controlling, managing has been extremely stressful and anxious. Safety, wellbeing and mental health have been at the forefront of issues facing us.


Working as coaches we are dealing with leaders who have determination to deliver a sense of direction to followers, encouraging engagement and empathy with both individuals and teams.

Intentional leadership is so important in managing change in these challenging times. Those leaders who can step back, slow down, question their perspectives and exercise their mindset are the ones most likely to create environments where they, their employees and their businesses succeed and thrive.

Our experience of assessing mental toughness, resilience and sensitivity has proved extremely enlightening and a key part to this process. We use an internationally renowned, multi lingual assessment used in over 85 countries and based on 80 research papers. The strong accuracy of the self-assessment results features highly in feedback. It analyses how we think and this affects 25% of how we behave with a dominating influence on how we perform.

This reveals and highlights areas that need to be addressed from a coaching and personal development viewpoint. The method opens up and provides the pathway to identify, address and resolve issues that are holding you back or you are not even aware of. The coaching style aims to deliver “The best version of what you can be as an individual,”

Applying this technique and philosophy to our approach has revealed some astonishing results. We work alongside leaders and key personnel to “Walk the Talk.” Our coaches, all proven and experienced leaders have been trained to develop mental agility to embrace change, managing and coping with consequential circumstances.

The assessment opens avenues of discussion. Simply getting the client to openly talk about stress and anxiety immediately provides relief, as well as indicating the routes to cope and manage to the experienced and trained coach. Mental Health, Wellbeing and managing anxiety are prevalent in most organisations.

At the Brink

A recent assessment on a MD and business owner, highlighted behavioural issues caused by consequential circumstances that Corona virus has created. Having recently bought out his co-owner in a well-established company in the building sector, 7 months into running the business, pressure mounted from many directions, stress and anxiety built to a point where the owner “flipped one morning.” He announced to his workforce that he had enough, was “closing the company” and marched out. A situation he quickly regretted, but I am sure there are a number of owners who may have had that feeling but not gone quite so far!

Fortunately, his assistant, who was with him, remained, picked up the pieces and organised the rest of day. After apologising and calming down, all was recovered, but this highlighted behavioural outbursts caused by how you think. This has become clear on his assessment where commitment, emotional control and achievement orientation were issues to be addressed.

Good business advice, planning and mentoring in a step by step process will address and deliver achievement and reduce anxiety. Sharing the issues, helping with difficult decisions, the thought process, and providing solutions, from a very experienced eye, eases the burden. Understanding trigger points and introducing coping strategies, will calm emotions and add further control.

From a coaching perspective, having sat in the business leader’s chair for many years, it provides breadth of vision and direction, enabling positive outcomes from sometimes, the most difficult circumstances.

Engaging with the client on business, balancing emotional and wellbeing issues, to achieve success and reward is highly stimulating and extremely interesting. We look forward to further challenges which no doubt, these changing times will provide!

Written by Jim, who is our Commercial Director. He talks about a case study of using our mental toughness questionnaire. It’s a great tool which we are currently offering for just £99 + VAT, which includes the assessment and 45 minute 1 – 1 coaching session online with one of our coaches.