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Stronger more resilient, more passionate, productive, creative,  innovative efficient and effective employees– in short, focused and at their best! This is what we all strive for isn’t it?

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Calculate the cost of poor mental wellbeing (PMW) in your organisation Now!

As an employer you have a Government legal obligation to a duty of Care and risk assessment outlined in the HSE Guidelines and Management Standards directives.

Every employer is legally bound to do a risk assessment which must include the Mental Health of Employees.

How do you do this effectively and efficiently?

The Stevenson Farmer ‘Thriving at work’ report identifies the cost of poor mental health per capita by sector, we have made this easy for you below to work out the cost implications for your Company.

This uses the average cost per head and the number of employees to identify the annual cost of mental health in the workplace to you for the next year if you don’t address it now. This can be thousands of pounds a fraction of what our solution would be

Select a Sector
How many employees?
Avg. Cost PA
Now you’ve got your risk cost - call us to discover the plan to save it.

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Solutions to your people problems

We understand that uplifting capability needs to be as holistic as possible but that an eye on your return on your investment in your people is also key.

Our solutions provide the possibility of interventions and initiatives all from one place. Competency and confidence in your people is so necessary in all their roles so we provide a doorway to a tool kit where a large selection of the training that you need are packaged, giving ongoing lasting value and peak performance

Once we have determined the needs and issues within your organisation and or teams/groups/individuals and costed the risks associated with leaving them unaddressed, we will offer proven tailored solutions that will put you back on track whilst delivering an improved, happier more colligate, safer and compliant working environment and where your people are engaged, present and out stripping their previous performance.

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